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I think you will find this site an excellent resource on kava kava. It contains a wealth of in depth kava information, articles, books, and links to help you understand the many benefits that kava kava will bring you. Please book mark this site now for easy return.

Some Kava Kava History

The first white men credited with recording in detail the existence of the kava kava plant were members of Captain James Cook’s team during his first voyage to the Pacific islands in 1775. In fact they may have been the first white men to try the kava kava drink. A few years later, the plant was given the name of Piper methysticum ( the prefix methy is the Greek word for "wine") (Sigh 1992).

Tom Harrison, author of Salvage Civilization published in 1937 writes, "Kava drinkers are satisfied with kava. Without it, they need, as all people seem to, some time-changer, something to modify reality without ritual or undue expense. As long as the people stuck to kava, there was no alcohol need."

Kava Kava in the 1990’s

Over the past two decades, kava kava has gained more attention in the alternative medical field. There has been countless articles written about this wonder herb called kava kava in well known magazines and publications.   Over the past few years, kava kava has caught the attention of a number of pharmaceutical companies in Germany, the US, Japan, and France. For instance, in February of 1995 the German pharmaceutical company Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH reported that it would buy one hundred tons of dried kava kava from producers in the South Pacific to manufacture an "anti-stress" pill (Decloitre 1995).

Because of it’s widespread use for such a long time, kava kava has a very extensive history of safe usage. The plant is non-addictive, and taken at normal doses has no known long-term side effects. A wealth of scientific research supports the safe and natural relaxant properties of the kava kava herb.


  • "Reduce your stress naturally with kava kava, and live a healthier lifestyle".
    Studies during the last decade have repeatedly shown that kava, also known as kava kava, waka root, and yaqona to be effective in reducing anxiety, and in 1990 the Federal Board of Health in Germany approved kava kava for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Recent studies show the unique ability to promote a calming effect while increasing mental acuity.


  • "Kava kava helps you sleep, naturally without undesirable side effects".
    Kava is not known to cause hangovers. David Snow, the host of the radio show Doctor Health in Honolulu, Hawaii, says, "The effects are subtle but I often sleep better with kava. I feel super when I wake up in the morning without the residual grogginess."  An early evening dose of kava kava in certain individuals could be mildly relaxing and help with sleep onset.

"Another interesting effect of kava kava that has been reported is that some users notice slightly enhanced dreams".

  • "Kava kava is great for social events, it actually enhances sociability."
    Studies have shown that the kava kava culture of the islands is a strong factor in helping provide better social integration among the inhabitants and deepen their sense of community (Lemert 1976).

"It is thought that frequent consumption of kava kava is partially why the people of the South Pacific are referred to as the happiest and friendliest in the world".

  • "Stop smoking with kava kava".
    One study found that a community-based stop smoking program combining kava kava ceremonies and group pledge was successful in helping almost everyone in the village give up their tobacco habit (Groth Marnet 1996).
  • "Relieve pain and reduce muscle tension naturally with kava kava".
    A study in mice has shown kava kava to have mild pain-reducing properties (Jamieson 1990). Specific conditions that some people have used kava kava for include headaches, neck pain, back pain, TMJ, toothaches, and menstrual cramps.
  • "Kava Kure Kava is 100% natural, not an extract,whole kava root w/ no additives".
    The Kava Kure Company imports kava kava direct from the sunny South Pacific and mill it locally to insure quality and freshness!

Kava Kure Company

The Kava Kure Company imports kava kava directly from the sunny South Pacific and mills it locally to insure quality and freshness. We are currently offering:

  Traditional Kava Kure Kava (course milled for the traditional preparation of the kava kava drink)

  Kwik Mix Kava Kure Kava (fine kava kava powder to mix directly into your favorite drink)

Kava Kure Capsules(a blend of powdered kava in capsule form for convenient use)

  St John's Wort (the natural remedy for depression, in capsule form)

To learn more about kava kava, please go to "About Kava". If you need additional help feel free to "Contact Us". Hope you enjoy your visit and come back often, as we will be updating this site to provide you with accurate information and outstanding products.

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