Kava Kava Recipies, Drinks And Beverages


Preparing Traditional Kava Kure Kava

Use 1/2 cup of Traditional Kava Kure Kava for every 1/2 gallon of cold water or juice (kavalactone compounds are destroyed by heat) Put Kava in muslin cloth, fine mesh nylon strainer, or just thin cotton or nylon material (used as a Kava filter).   Lay Kava filter over Tanoa or large bowl. Place Kava in the middle of material and start pouring a small amount of water at a time ( be sure the larger grind Kava is not leaving the filter). Continue to add desired amount of liquid to the Kava Kure Kava. When done adding desired liquid then make filter cloth into a ball with the Kava contents still inside and squeeze (the harder squeezed the more Kavalactones are released; Kavalactones are the active components responsible for Kava's calming effects).

Notes Kava is partially insoluble in water so frequently stir the Kava mixture with your Bilo or Kava cup.  In a Traditional Kava ceremony it is polite to clap once when receiving a cup of Kava and clap three times after drinking all the contents of your cup!

Preparing Kwik Kure Mix

Easy to use Kwik Kure Mix allows you to mix into any drink you desire.  No filtering is required because Kwik Kure Mix is made from a much finer grind of our Waka root than our Traditional Kava Kure Kava.  Just add 1 Teaspoon of Kwik Kure Mix to 1 cup (8 ounces) of your favorite drink. Experiment and try with different drinks such as juices, icy cold frappe, coffee and chocolate drinks  Please let us know when you find something really great!

Remember:  Kava is partially insoluble, so frequent stirring is required.  Also, keep in mind that the kavalactone compounds are destroyed by heat.