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"The Pacific Potion"
Source: Health Magazine, Alternatives Section, October 1998 Issue

"Popular books tout kava as a natural tranquilizer that will make drugs obsolete."

"Even food manufacturers are getting into the act, marketing kava-laced snacks that, alas, contain far too little of the herb to have the desired effect."

"Kava seems poised to become this year’s Saint-John’s-wort, generating torrents of hype, yet providing real relief to some people seeking alternatives to prescription drugs."

"In Europe the herb is now used to treat several ailments, including menstrual cramps, muscle tension, and insomnia."

"But the evidence for kava’s effectiveness is strongest when it comes to easing cases of anxiety."

"When everyday worries get so overwhelming that they interfere with social interactions and sleep."

"Harold Bloomfield, a U.S. psychiatrist and author of Healing Anxiety With Herbs, says kava is the better choice for cases of mild anxiety because it’s free of the side effects, such as addiction and impaired memory, that benzodiazepines can bring."

"The effects of this tropical mood enhancer are subtle."

"Kava is no more powerful than a strong cup of coffee, but it works the opposite direction, says Lamont Lindstrom, an anthropologist at the University of Tulsa"


"Herbal Cures for Holiday Stress"
Woman’s World, November 17, 1998 Issue

"Studies have proven kava’s effectiveness at relieving tension and anxiety, and when stressed-out subjects in one study took it, they also got relief of tension related stomach aches and headaches."

"Kava’s also perfect for people who feel awkward at parties, says clinical herbalist Feather Jones." "It makes you feel more outgoing."


"The Kava Craze" "Herbal Elixir May Relieve Stress and Anxiety"
TV’s ABC News Primetime, Dateline, & 20/20.

"The new "Natural" way to relax".

"Kava, the superstar herb used for thousands of years by South Pacific islanders for relief from tension and insomnia, is being hailed by top researchers as a modern-day stress-buster".

"Kava is going to revolutionize the treatment of the 65 million Americans who annually suffer from the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety," Says Dr. Bloomfield, "who has prescribed kava for hundreds of patients for the past five years with great success."